We Provide Dog Training Services

We can help you with your dog training or pet behavioural problems, from family pets to working breeds. We want to help you to own a dog that fits in easily with your lifestyle that is a pleasure to live with and take out anywhere you choose.

We are based in the West Midlands providing professional behavioural and dog training services, we also breed working German Shepherds Dogs for the highest standards of health, character and trainability.

Take look around our site for the services that we offer and the exceedingly high level of our own Vislor Dogs in training. There are numerous educational dog training videos on our YouTube channel with over 3,000 subscribers which is loved worldwide by pet owners and dog trainers alike.

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Private Pet Dog Training Lessons

A trained dog is a happy dog which makes for a happy owner! During your private pet dog training lesson with Trav (Travis Foster) he tackles your dog training problems head on, using a method bespoke to you and your dog, find out more about our Private PET DOG TRAINING LESSONS here.

Dog Trainer Travis Foster

With over 30 years of dedicating our lives to dogs and dog training our clients all agree that bringing their pet to us is real value for money! They say that Travis is different to all other dog trainers that they have been to, his approach produces immediate results in their dogs behavior and the relationship between owner and pet. As well as being specialist working GSD breeders, we also work as stunt animal & dog trainers in the film & TV industry including 2017 Disneys Beauty & The Beast! Find out more ABOUT US here.

Residential Dog Boot Camp

At Dog Boot Camp your dog is a resident in our home and spends every day with professional dog trainer Travis Foster and our own dogs, your pet will have plenty of exercise and fun, interacting with children in everyday situations and places most importantly receiving intensive dog training bespoke to their needs. We only take one residential dog at a time, you can find more information about our DOG BOOT CAMP here.

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